Pronounced 'sa-ee-tel' or 'tz' for short. I was born in many places,
although I have many places yet to see...

As a seasoned Creative Director with extensive hands-on production and executive leadership, I bring my passion and expertise to every team and project I join across a multitude of domains.

I have led diverse teams of artists, brand managers and marketing specialists, serving hospitality, personal care and high-tech industries. My latest assignment with The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) as a creative Senior Art Associate and Project Manager has given me access to some of the world's most fascinating and forward-looking fields of scientific and technical endeavors. At AAAS, I am leading the development, publication and launch of various scientific community campaigns and public affairs outreach efforts that support the organizations' long term strategy of scientific advocacy and public awareness central to its mission of serving humanity.

As a professionally trained artist hailing from Costa Rica via Ecuador and educated at Boston College, I possess a unique perspective on the fusion of arts and sciences, believing the two are inseparable and I aim to evangelize this notion by bridging the chasm between the creative and analytical industries.

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Art Direction

20+ years obsessively practicing what I love has made me believe I might be Frida Kahlo's contemporary reincarnation.

Drawing ideas (physically + mentally)

An actively inquisitive mind is hard to stop. Questioning leads to possibilities. Possibilities lead to dreaming and producing your best work!

Inspiring others

Connecting. Sharing. Following. Leading. Life is one big treasure of valuable ideas that need to be embraced and spread.

Experimental cooking

Exploration and discovery of new foods and cultures is a daily pleasure.


True design comes from intuition; The kind that speaks from our sixth sense; The kind that crosses over boundaries between design and fine arts.

It yells. It communicates with more than passion. And in return, it creates memories in our hearts that stay with us over the years.

True design is compassionate. It listens. It speaks the voices of our clients. It allows us to come up with novel solutions to vexing problems.


I'd like to hear your story.

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